Believe me, before was too scary to even photograph. Hooray for organization!

Well, it is starting to look like someone lives here!

New living room rug! (Please ignore the lamps. We’re working on it.)

I bring home a pallet, Bill makes it awesome.

New porch light! (And Adirondack chair, and pillows for the swing.)

You guys, I am going to read the crap out of some books in this chair for many years to come!

Happy new shower curtain day, Bill and Jess!

Time for some curb appeal.

I’ve had my jewelry board ready to go for some time now, by hadn’t decided on a way to hang it. Bill (rightfully so) wouldn’t let me put nails in our 90 year old bedroom door, so the easy solution wouldn’t cut it. Instead I added a hanging wire to the back of the board and tracked down a very basic over the door hook. Hang hook over door, hang wire on hook, and done. The best place for the board would have been the back of the closet door but we don’t have one. (Boo! If anyone knows where to find old five-panel doors, I’m all ears.) So the bedroom door it is. I’ll just be careful to keep my teenage angst in check and not slam the door.

A couple weeks ago we bought a sheep skin runner to place along Bill’s side of the bed. I admit I wish it was me sinking my feet into it every morning. Alas, I must learn to share. I do get the nightstand on my side, after all.

  1. Camera: Olympus FE20,X15,C25
  2. Aperture: f/3.5
  3. Exposure: 1/30th
  4. Focal Length: 7mm